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Melissa Broder

2 poems


Every airplane is sleep.

I point my finger at a jetliner to rest my eye.

Boys smell holes in a neon blue banner I keep in my wallet.

The banner says RELAX GOD IS IN CHARGE.

Stephen Dedalus you are never on my mind.

You come to my island and I am the island.

You are well-traveled but that is arid.

My eye is on the sky.

I say Helios.

You say Brian Eno.

I say Charybdis.

You say I’ll show you hetero.

This instant must be sustained.

I pour black flower milk into a goblet but you refuse to hallucinate.

The breeze sounds an alarm.

I tongue your overlip in an air raid.

You go to the sea to swim with a nymph.

Crocodiles rattle shells.

I look at you long through my one eye.

You become the island.


What are you looking

in the water for?

I am looking

to fall in love with

my opposite. Narcissists

are on their own side

so that is not me.

I would be a sensualist

if there was no such thing

as numbers. Get naked

it’s too much to count.

Hang me upside down

over the water

as a waif

whose pubic hair

is back in style.

Give me a year as her

to fuck who I want.

I will invent

a new style

of fucking

called fuck-your-wish

and still feel nothing.

Who would you be

with no body?

Fire. Next wave

Make me fire.

Melissa Broder is the author of two poetry collections, MEAT HEART and WHEN YOU SAY ONE THING BUT MEAN YOUR MOTHER.